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Optimize your foundations and skyrocket your monetization

We are a growth agency specialized in monetization and engagement strategies for mobile apps & games. We help you define your growth strategy and leverage marketing tools to tackle all lifecycle stages: acquisition, activation, retention, monetization, and churn.

Game Service

Power Up

Tech Stack

We’ll assess the effectiveness of your current tech stack and help leverage it to improve your user/player engagement & monetization metrics.We advise on tech stack and deliver knowledge sharing through tailored workshops for any sized team.

Level Up

User Accquisition

We advise, manage and execute user acquisition campaigns through Facebook & Instagram Ads, Apple Search Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads. 
We help you define the best opportunities for your user acquisition efforts:

  • Which country should be activated first?
  • What should be my budget?
  • Which channel should I experiment with first?
  • Which conversion event should I consider?

Extra Life

Product Experiments & CRM

We’ll help define your growth strategy, build your shop, pick up tools for your tech stack, and create initial traction through user acquisition and a/b testing.

Crafting hypothesis, running & reporting on experiments using CRM tools to tackle all lifecycle stages (Activation, Retention & Monetization).

Network & monitization tools

Gaming assistance & Strategies

Lifecycle Marketing
We help craft strategies and run CRM experiments (push notifications, emails, in-app messages) to improve:

- New users activation
- Feature(s) engagement strategies 
- Churn & lapsed users
- Shop Education & conversion
- Funnels improvements & winbacks

Each will allow us to target a different lifecycle stage and create a marketing plan tailored for each user.
Push Notifications
Push notification is a great channel to improve retention, therefore improving monetization metrics as players spend more time in the game.

It's all about relevancy: you don't want to spam the player, but instead, deliver highly tailored messaging based on their current progress and past activity.

- Activity Notifications
- Educational Notifications
- Activation & engagement
- Churn & Inactive

In-apps: monetisation & feature education
The in-app message is a powerful channel for early and late users. We like to think of it as an extension of the game, that will educate off-track players and incentivize active players towards more purchases.
Opt-in rate improvement
It's important to ensure users are already having a positive experience before you ask for push permission, therefore increasing the opt-in rate. Some users may not be ready to turn on their notifications in the first session.

Our Approach

We use the intent framework to understand how we can communicate with each user, at each stage of their lifecycle, therefore aligning the message with their current understanding of the game and monetization mechanics.

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