Mobbles is the very first location-based creature catching mobile game that also let you take care of the monsters like real pets, fight with your friends in real-time battles and trade Mobbles like trading cards.

Main Goal

Increase the average revenue per user (ARPU) and retention of the location-based creature catching mobile game “Mobbles


63% 28% 33%
Increase on engagement rate Increase the ad reward conversion rate Conversion on shop engagement

Keep in mind: In-game micro-transactions and ad rewards are the two of the most common ways to generate revenue from mobile game apps and good way to increase your average revenue per user (ARPU).

The Process

  1. Taxonomy review and recommendations: First we started by reviewing the status of the app tracking events, the user attributes and the deep links. Then we provide recommendations for the app events, triggers and property names. 

  1. Game understanding: To generate a strategy that is appropriate to the mobile app it is necessary to understand each important aspect of the game such as dynamics, rules, levels and services within the app.

  1. UX and intent analysis: We analyze the overall feel of the game, identify if key features are clear for the user and look at the user sentiments for feedback

  1. Analytics deep dive: By using analytics tools, we understood the key metrics for us to identify areas of opportunity and measure the progress of the proposed strategies.  

Tools used

  1. Experiment set-up: With all the information that we gather by now, it is time for a brainstorming session to come up with the CRM experiments that would help us meet our main goal. In this case we use In-App messages to increase the user retention. 

The Results

63% ▲ increase in Engagement rate

Inapp goal - educating players on the game food mechanics process

28% ▲ increase in Ad reward conversion 

Inapp goal - Reminding players that they can view a video to collect game credits

33% ▲ increase in Conversion on shop engagement 

Inapp goal - Educating the players on how the shop mechanics works