Joker is a grocery delivery app that you can use to search for products of your choice or discover new local brands and they delivery the products within 15 minutes at your specified address.


Develop region based marketing initiatives designed to drive new users to the mobile app and increase the in-app conversions


30% 64% 20%
Decrease on the *eCPI Contribution on monthly installs Contribution on monthly conversions

The Process

  1. Taxonomy & Technical Consulting: Tracking plan crafting, technical recommendations for the integration & setup for events and networks integration.

  1. Campaign Management: Bids adjustments & tests (placements / bids capping / automated campaigns / creative split / etc..) for managing a successful ad campaign in different platforms.

  1. Weekly syncs: Weekly user acquisition report + a communication channel for daily related support. through our slack channel.

  1. Monthly reporting: Carrying out monthly analyses on the main metrics for acquisition and retention for an overview of the ROAS* by campaign using data visualisation tools.



Effective cost per install

Decrease the eCPI by optimising the ad delivery


Monthly installs

Contribution on the monthly installations by acquisition channels


Monthly conversion events

Contribution on the monthly conversion event by acquisition channels