Level Up #2

The concept of Level Up # is simple: We pick a monetization strategy we liked...

Here we go for the 2nd article.

The concept of Level Up # is simple:

We pick a monetization strategy we liked, then trying to analyze and understand why it works.

Our thoughts and hypothesises are based on our Intent Framework, as well as past experience running monetization experiments for thousands of players.

Just remember, mobile game monetization is not about one thing, but ensuring the game experience is aligned with purchases intents. The shop experience should elevate the game experience.

In this Level Up #2, I’ll talk about Super Spell Heroes a game developed by SVIPER team.

To summarize what this game is about: a strategic real-time PvP game featuring wizard duels with elemental powers.

The combat system is the core of Super Spell Heroes. It’s both intuitive and nuanced. The timing of your moves is essential, so much so that a skilled player can easily beat a player who has reached a higher level if he is smarter. This kind of “timing-based game” reminds me of the masterpiece Cadence of Hyrule that has placed the sense of rhythm at the heart of its gameplay.

This campaign is triggered right after I opened the app.

It’s not about getting the user frustrated but actually showing them that purchasing can make their current experience better.

  • Adding one offer in the homepage (rotation with the current seasonal offer)

At this stage, I played a bit, understood the different mechanics of the game, the shop hierarchy and the way to make a purchase through in-app purchases. So it’s not about educating the user to specific mechanics but offering him/her a way to improve the game experience (as told above).

Why is this offer a good move?

Well, first, this in-app purchase is telling me how much value I can get from this offer:

+75% value

Displaying this value is helping me to make a decision to purchase. Why? Because they give me the impression that they cherry-picked this offer for me and it reassures me that I’m getting value for my money.

Secondly, this in-app purchase is telling me what is it worth:

Unlock Jane / +1,350 spells /+500 gems / +5,000 gold

This is great, because the player don’t need to do any calculation, they can understand exactly how much value is the in-app purchase for them, at their specific stage in the game. It also means that the app calculated exactly how many resources (of each) the player is missing (using variables).

Finally, this message empathizes on urgency:

1 d 23 h remaining!

Offering special offers, only available for a certain period allows to generate scarcity among players. It also helps keep the shop fresh with items rotation.

What matters is that they kept it visual and that I understood it’s limited just by looking at the offer.

So the main question: did I make the purchase?

Not this time, but considering I’m starting to become a fan of the game, it won’t be long before…

🧪 Summary:

– Offering special offers, only available for a certain period allows you to generate scarcity among players.

– Displaying what value the user will get from an offer is a great way to make things simpler.

– Explaining why this pack is interesting is a great way to tweak the messaging and align the value with the player’s behavior.

Well done SVIPER team!

P.S.: Please send us your game! We’d be happy to talk about it with you 🙂


If you’d like to team up with us or need some extra support with managing game analytics/growth tools, remember that we’re here to help!

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